Out to Launch

Episode written by Mark Edens
Editor Bryce Malek
Supervising Editor Tad Stones
...blah, blah; yada, yada, yada.

Summarized by: Karen "Kat" Mollett


The camera sweeps over a launch installation and we see a bird fly over it. The camera follows the bird and then settles on a crew that is preparing the Space Plane. The Space Plane is white with a red tail and nose cone. It basically looks like an egg with wings. A voice announces, via the P.A. system, "T minus 57 minutes to launch. All systems go."

The camera switches to a shot of the control room in the tower. A male human (with a hole in his haircut :D) monitors the radar screen and calls out to a scientist (who is wearing glasses, a white shirt, and an ugly tie). "I have an unauthorized aircraft on the radar."

The scientist looks at the radar screen, sees an erratic blip appear periodically, and asks, "What kind of aircraft has a flight pattern like THAT?" The guy replies, "It looks like a weather balloon with a broken compass."

The camera switches to the Ranger Plane, which is jerking and weaving in the air like a drunk crane. Gadget shouts, "Hang on, guys! I'll have this stabilizer fixed in no time." Gadget ducks under the instrument panel and we hear pounding. She comes back up, just in time to jerk the Ranger Plane up and over a fence.

"I'm glad you all came with me to watch the launch." declares Gadget.

The camera shows the backseat of the Ranger Plane. Chip and Dale are being tossed around, in spite of the seatbelt.

"We'd go anywhere with you, Gadget!" replies Dale.

Chip comments, "Yeah!" (The Plane does a barrel-roll at this point.) "We love outer space stuff!"

"There! That ought to do it!" declares Gadget. The Ranger Plane begins to fly straight. It flies around a rocket. The Space Plane can be seen in the background.

"Wow-wee! Wouldya lookit that!" comments Dale.

"Jeepers! The astronauts must have their hands full piloting those things!" declares Gadget as she steers the Ranger Plane and causes it to descend.

Monty muses, "Reminds me of the big birds we used to fly on Guatemala. Of course, every now and then *they* would lay an egg."

Gadget sees the Space Plane and shouts, "Look! There's the Space Plane!".

The camera shows the Space Plane. The ground crew are busy fueling it. The camera switches to a windsock and then goes back to the Ranger Plane. Everyone was looking at the Space Plane and turn back around in time to see the windsock. There is nothing Gadget can do to avoid it; the Ranger Plane goes into it and gets stuck. All of the Rescue Rangers fly out the other end and drop through an open window. They land in a pile, with Monty at the bottom and Gadget at the top. She sits up and proclaims (while shoving up her goggles), "This must be the astronaut training area."

The camera pans and shows various equipment as Gadget continues, "Golly, I think being an astronaut is the most heroic job in the world!"

The camera shows Dale, Chip, and Gadget standing. She continues, "Or out of this world, I guess." Chip grabs the collar of his jacket with both paws, looks at Gadget, and declares, "I'd make a *great* astronaut!" He leans toward Gadget, but Dale grabs him and yanks him away. Dale darts beside Gadget and proclaims, "I'd be an even better one!"

The camera switches to Monty (Zipper is perched on his shoulder) who says, "Well, it takes more than desire to make a great astronaut, y' know. Y' have to go through trainin'."

Chip comes up and declares, "Let's get started!"

Dale comes up on the other side and comments, "You said it!" Chip and Dale glare at each other.

Sometime later, Dale and Chip are strapped into a human-sized chair on a beam. Monty and Gadget stand on a control panel. Monty looks and says, "Now, let me see here--which one of these buttons makes this baby spin." Gadget suggests, "Try the one marked 'on'." Monty replies, "Oh, yeah; I knew that." He pushes a button and the beam rotates. Dale comments, "Kinda like a merry-go-round."

Monterey Jack mumbles, "Hmm. Twelve G's outta do it." He spins a dial and the beam whirls the chair around faster and faster. "Just like the Spillin' Whirl ride at the amusement park." comments Monty. We see Dale and Chip being pressed against the seat. They gasp and their eyes dilate.

"No sense in overdoin' it." says Monty as he pushes a square, purple button. The beam slows and then stops. The seat comes into view. Gadget gasps. "Oh my gosh! Are you all right, guys?"

Chip goes, "Yeah." Dale responds, "I'm fine." His tone says otherwise. They both slip out of the seat, beneath the belt, like two pieces of paper.

Later, we see a big tank of water at the end of a long slide. The camera pans up the slide to where Chip and Dale are seated. Monty informs them, "This `ere test simulates an emergency splashdown." They look *way* down and see the tank. Monty goes to a lever & asks, "Ready?"

Chip replies, "Ready!" Monty pulls the lever. Dale and Chip slide down and get dumped into the tank.

Camera switches to Gadget who asks, "How was it?"

Chip walks by, completely soaked. "No problem."

Dale walks by, knocks some water out of his ear, and replies, "Piece of cake!"

Sometime later, the Rangers go to some sort of control room.

Gadget declares, "Golly! An exact replica of the Space Plane's controls!"

Monterey Jack replies, "Any more real, an' we'd be floatin' in orbit."

Chip is sitting in the pilot's seat (on top of a stack of books so he can reach the control stick). "All systems go!" he calls out. Monty pulls a lever, which starts the simulator. The viewscreen crackles and shows an orbital view of the Earth. Chip moves the control stick and declares, "This is easy!"

Gadget laughs. "Chip looks like a real astronaut."

The simulator barks, "Warning! Fire retro-rockets!"

The display shows blue sky. Chip pulls back on the stick. "Retro-rockets? I don't know *where* they are!"

The display shows the control tower. The simulator barks, "Warning! You are about to crash!"

The display zooms in on the tower at an alarming rate and then dissolves into static. Various symbols of death and failure flash on the screen and the seat ejects Chip. Dale laughs and then hops down. A flight cap and goggles have mysteriously appeared on Dale as he grabs the books, climbs over Chip, and gets into the pilot's seat.

"I'll show Gadget what a REAL astronaut can do!" declares Dale. He grabs the control stick and says, "Watch *me*!" The simulator starts. When the viewscreen shows clouds, the simulator barks, "Warning! Fire retro-rockets!" Dale pushes a button and the viewscreen display pans away from the tower. "Retro-rockets fired." informs the simulator. Chip crosses his arms and gives a sharp, "Hrumph!" Dale turns toward the others and says, "Hey, Gadget; would ya sit up here with me?" The simulator then barks, "Warning! Watch where you're going!" The 'ship' crashes into the tower and the viewscreen crackles. Various symbols of death and failure flash on the screen and Dale is ejected from the seat.

Gadget rushes up to Dale, who is lying upside-down on the pile of books. "Dale, are you hurt?" she asks as she examines him.

Monty comments," Looks like ol' Monterey Jack `ill haveta show ya how its done."

Zipper squeaks an, "Uh-oh!", tugs on Monty's jacket, and points to a clock on the wall.

"Gosh, Monty! It's almost time for the launch. We don't want to miss that!"

The camera shows the Rescue Rangers walking down a corridor. The view switches to a dark room and the door is ajar. We see the Rangers walk by the door. Dale comes back and looks inside. "A spacesuit!" he exclaims. The camera pans up the suit in question. "I'm gonna try it on!" declares Dale as he dashes toward it and begins to climb up the suit.

"It's not your size, stupid!" scolds Chip.

"You're just jealous `cause I found it first!" retorts Dale before he finishes his climb. Dale reaches the helmet and peeks inside. "Anybody home?" he shouts, playfully, into the helmet. He loses his balance and falls in. We hear Dale's muffled cursing and see part of the spacesuit's foot jump up. "I'll get him out!" says Chip as he fishes a rope out of his jacket and climbs up the spacesuit. He tosses the rope down and anchors it (with a hook) to the rim. Chip slides down the rope. The camera switches to the door and two members of the ground crew, wearing orange jumpsuits and hats, enter the room. "Uh, oh!" exclaims Gadget as she and Monty hide. The tall, thin guy asks, "Did they say what was wrong with the other suit?" His partner, a chunky, red-haired woman, replies, "Nope. Just that they wanted this one instead." They carry the spacesuit, with Chip and Dale still inside, out of the room. Gadget and Monty watch them; then they run to a window and look through it. They see the ground crew loading supplies onto the Space Plane. The two crew members load the spacesuit.

"They're taking them into the Space Plane!" declares Gadget, "They're going to send them into outer space! We've got to stop the launch!"

We see the suit being loaded as the P.A. system announces, "On board computers report a green light for all ignition systems. The flight crew should report to the ready room. The camera shows a close-up of the spacesuit's helmet and we can see Chip and Dale pounding on the clear visor.

The P.A. system announces, "All personnel, clear the pad for launch. All personnel, clear the pad for launch." The two crew members put the suit in place and leave. The gantry is moved away with the two humans on it.

The camera goes to a view inside the Space Plane. We see three astronauts in the cockpit: a guy with short, blonde hair, a stocky guy with short, brown hair, and a woman with dark hair (held in a bun) and glasses. The blonde drones, "Space Plane to Control Tower; all systems go for launch." as he pushes a few buttons. The camera switches to a shot of the control center. We see a guy with a microphone who reports, "Tension mounts in the control tower, as the final seconds of the countdown tick away." We see Gadget and Monty at his feet and the P.A. system announces, "T minus 15 seconds."

"Fifteen seconds?!" exclaims Gadget. They dash away. We see the scientist with his finger over a red button. The camera switches to Gadget, who is trying to remove a plug from a power socket.

"This ought to cut the power." she says as she yanks out the plug. The camera shows the guy who was watching the radar earlier. "Hey! Who turned off the coffee maker?" he inquires in a puzzled tone.

The reporter talks into his mic. "In just a few seconds..." The microphone is jerked out of his hands. Monty uses it to lasso the scientist's chair. Monty pulls and drags the chair away from the button. Unfortunately, the chair bumps into Monty and he drops the cord. The scientist prepares to push the button. Zipper stands on the button in a final attempt to stop the launch. He dodges as the scientist presses the red button. "Lift off!" he announces.

The camera switches to an outside view of the Space Plane. Its three engines ignite and the Space Plane taxies down the runway and takes off. Camera switches to a view of the cock pit. The three astronauts are pressed into their chairs. Camera goes to the 4 spacesuits in the cargo bay. We see Chip and Dale pressed against the back of the helmet; Chip is upside-down.

Camera switches to the control tower. We see the Space Plane's lift off through a window. The P.A. system announces," Astronauts report all systems go." The tower personnel cheer; one stands up and tosses confetti. Camera view pans left to show Gadget and Monty standing beside a coffee cup. Gadget sighs. "This is all my fault. If I hadn't wanted to see the launch, none of this would have happened." Monty looks at Gadget and says, "Aw, they'll be safe enough, Gadget luv." He puts his right paw on her shoulder. "Besides, think of the grand adventure they'll be havin'!"

Camera switches to a view of the Space Plane above the Earth. We hear the reporter's voice say, "The Space Plane has left Earth's atmosphere and is about to go into orbit." Camera goes to a view of a satellite and pans backward to reveal the rest of the cargo bay. Camera view zooms in on Chip and Dale (still in the spacesuit). Dale opens the clear visor and is spun backwards.

Chip's hat floats out and Chip 'swims' after it. Chip catches it and puts it firmly on his head while Dale backstrokes past him. "Wow-wee! This is great!" Dale exclaims before coming to a stop on a bulkhead. "Lookit me! Lookit me! I'm a spaceman!" he shouts. Dale kicks off from the bulkhead. He floats, grabs a cable, and spins around and around. Dale releases his grip and floats on his back--right into the satellite! He is shot out by a spring and goes ricocheting all over the bay. Chip tries to keep track of his bouncing buddy, but to no avail. Dale bounces between some shelves for a while, then ricochets off of a large pipe and right into Chip. Chip tries to grab something--which just happens to be the release lever for one of the spacesuits! (Ooops!)

In the cockpit, the blond guy orders, "Deploy the satellite, Joy." The woman replies, "Roger, Roger." and flips a series of switches.

Back in the bay, a siren wails and a red light flashes as the cargo hatch opens. A robot hand (with a white glove on it) picks up the satellite. The spacesuit floats toward the hatch. Chip looses his grip on the lever and the boys go flying into the suit's helmet (Gee, they sure do spend a lot of time there in this episode :D). We see Chip and Dale in the suit (again), with the clear visor down, float out of the hatch as the robot hand drags the satellite. The robot hand releases the satellite, gives it a shove, and waves 'bye' at it. The spacesuit was shoved along with the satellite.

The hand goes back into the bay and the camera goes to the cockpit. "satellite deployed, Commander." reports Joy. "All right, Buzz, take us out of here." orders Roger. The brown-haired guy grabs the control stick. Camera goes to a view of the Space Plane in space. We see the engines ignite and the Space Plane moves away--leaving the satellite, the spacesuit, and the boys behind. Camera goes to a close-up of the 'munks; they pound on the visor and scream. Chip shouts, "Wait!!" Dale screams, "Don't leave us!!" They scream as the suit tumbles away from the satellite.

[Insert commercial here.]

Camera shows the control tower. The shot switches to the reporter and his cameraman. "This is Stan Blather, with the latest news on the flight of the Space Plane. (Camera begins to pan down.)

Just minutes ago, the astronauts successfully placed (Shot goes to Monty, lowering Gadget down from a human-sized chair. He then jumps down after her.) a weather satellite into orbit."

(Close-up on Gadget.) "I guess it was silly of me to worry about Chip and Dale. After all, they've been through astronaut training." says Gadget. "Right you are, Gadget luv." says Monty as he joins her on the floor. "I just wish we was up there with 'em." (Careful what you wish Monty...;)

The reporter is handed a piece of paper. "We've just had a late report from the Space Plane. When the satellite was deployed a spacesuit was accidentally left behind, drifting in space," announces the reporter. "Left behind?!" shrieks Gadget. "Don't panic, luv. They won't leave a spacesuit floatin' around." Monty declares. Stan Blather resumes his report, "The astronauts plan to recover the spacesuit at the end of their 2 week mission."

"Two weeks?!" gasps Monty, alarmed.

"We have to save them!" declares Gadget.

Camera dissolves to a shot of a scrap heap. It pans to the right, where we see a metal drum (water heater??) has been converted into a rocket. It had what appears to be 4 fire extinguishers welded to it (equidistantly)to serve as thrusters. A hatch (Trash can lid? Naw, I doubt it.) has been attached to the top. The hatch is open and we see a glow coming from it. Gadget emerges with a lighter that she has converted into a blowtorch. She turns it off and lifts her goggles.

"Now remember Monty; the propulsion system only needs 5 sticks of dynamite." We see Monterey Jack grab a red stick from a box labeled "T.N.T.". He carries it across a wooden plank and to a bucket (to which some fins have been attached) that already has several sticks in it. Monty mumbles, "Five sticks? This crate won't make it over the fence! Better give it twenty; we'll need the extra boost."

"We have to hurry! Chip and Dale should be directly overhead soon!" (Okay, Gadg; we'll take your word for it ;) Gadget lowers her goggles, turns on her 'torch, and ducks back down into the hatch (which will become the airlock for her 'craft.).

Camera view goes back to Monty, who is trying to add another stick of dynamite to the bucket.

It won't go and Monty feels around in the bucket. "There's something down in `ere!" He grabs a rope and pulls. Something orange flies out; it unfolds, inflates, and is revealed to be a raft with an oar and a parachute. The parachute pops open and the red & white cloth floats down to cover Monty. "A parachute? And a rubber raft? Ha! We don't need all this junk in outer space!"

Monty leaves everything in a heap and grabs more dynamite. "Now there'll be plenty of room." He comments as he stuffs the sticks and packs them down. Camera view goes to Zipper, who squeaks an, "Uh, oh!"

The camera irises out and then back in on the rocket. We heard Gadget say, "Remove the gantry for launch." We see Monty on one of the fire extinguisher thrusters as he replies, "Right!" He kicks away the makeshift gantry, which falls apart. Monterey Jack then climbs to the top of Gadget's rocket. We hear Gadget say, "Commence ignition sequence!" Monty replies, "All right, Gadget; start the countdown." He hops into the rocket and the hatch closes (to reveal a plunger attached to it :D).

Gadget counts down from 10 to 1 (speeding up after `5') and we see Zipper near a large battery with wires attached to it. He grabs the wires and touches them together when Gadget gets to `1'.

Zipper gets shocked. There is an explosion and a dark cloud as the rocket is launched.

Camera goes to a shot of the spacesuit and the satellite. It goes to a close-up on the suit's helmet.

Chip and Dale are inside, looking out of the clear visor. Chip grumbles, "How can they just leave us behind?" Dale has his arms crossed as he floats. "Some astronauts WE are! We can't even get back home!" gripes Dale. We see the rocket in the distance (Where's that sound effect coming from? They're in space! :D) Chip spots it and points. "Hey, look!" he tells Dale. We see the back view of the suit on the right and the approaching rocket on the left. The camera switches its angle as the rocket flies by and snags the right foot of the suit with a lasso.

"We got `em!" declares Gadget, as the rocket flies with the suit in tow. Camera goes to a shot of the rocket's porthole. We see Gadget, Monty, and Zipper floating. "Now all we have to do is fire the retro rockets and use the parachute to splash down into the ocean!" says Gadget. She turns around and uses her feet to push off of the porthole and toward the controls. Monty gets a guilty look on his face. "Gah! Parachute?" Camera switches to a shot of the rocket's interior.

We see a human-sized screwdriver leaning against the porthole as Monty turns around. (The screwdriver in question was *not* floating!) "Just how big a splash were you plannin' to make, Gadget luv?" he asks nervously. Camera goes to Gadget, who is floating in front of the rocket's controls. We see a control panel and 3 nuts and a bolt attached to lines above it. (SHE floats, but the nuts & bolt attached to the lines *don't*! Weird!) "You didn't do something with the parachute, did you?" she inquires in an accusatory tone. She crosses her arms as Monty floats into view. "Me? Gah! Why I'd *grunt* never *stutter*..." Zipper shakes his head. Monty grunts an "Eh", grins widely, and shrugs. Gadget strikes her "I'm thinking" pose and comments, "Let's see...Well, I guess we'll just haveta go back to Earth on board the Space Plane." She grabs the screw and one of the nuts and yanks on the lines. Camera switches to an outside view of the rocket and suit. We hear Gadget say, "Anyway, I've always wanted to ride on a REAL spaceship!" The rocket is propelled via the fire extinguisher thrusters.

Camera switches to an outside view of the Space Plane, and then to a shot of the cockpit. Roger drones, "Commander Houston to Launch Control," as Joy belts herself into her chair. Buzz is already belted in, leaning back, and snoring. Roger Houston (the blonde guy) is still sitting up.

"Commander Houston to Launch Control. We're beginning our rest period...now." He flips a switch and the lights dim. He then leans back. The camera shows an outside view of the Space Plane. We see a pinpoint of light, which expands. The Rangers' rocket blasts out of it. As the rocket approaches, two of its thrusters spew foam (or is that just air?) and slow it to a stop. The spacesuit floats past it until the rope attached causes it to stop. We hear Gadget say, "Okay, Monty. Open the airlock. The hatch opens (she made the airlock's door out of a sardine can?!?). We see Gadget, wearing a spacesuit composed of a small glass jar and a glove, float out carrying a human-sized screwdriver. She comments, "This spacesuit fits like a glove!" (Does this count as a pun?) Gadget activates a jetpack on her back (Can't tell what it's made of; we don't get a good look at it.) and is propelled toward the Space Plane.

"Now, to get the doors open." Gadget says as she applies the screwdriver to a screw. The screw floats away. Camera goes to the rocket's porthole, through which we can see Monty and Zipper.

"Girl's a genius." declares Monty. "Course I gave her a few pointers." Camera goes back to Gadget, who removes the last screw (which floats away). She pries off the small panel. This action causes Gadget to flip backwards once as the panel floats away. Gadget sticks the screwdriver inside the exposed area and we see a few sparks. The Space Plane's cargo bay doors open and Gadget uses her jetpack to jet inside.

Camera switches to a shot of Monty. "C'mon, Zipper me lad. I'll show you how a REAL pilot flies," he brags before swimming away from the porthole. Zipper flies after him. Camera gives us a view of the control panel. Monty grabs two of the nuts and yanks them. We see the rocket blast forward and make 3 passes over the cargo bay doors before diving into the opening with the spacesuit in tow. We hear a crash as the cargo bay doors close.

The camera switches to an interior view of the cockpit. It shows the 3 sleeping astronauts and then pans left. A door opens and we see all the Rescue Rangers floating in the doorway. "We have to find a place to hide until the Space Plane lands." states Gadget. "How about the food locker?" suggests Dale before he licks his lips and rubs his tummy. "Follow me--quietly." says Gadget in hushed tones before swimming out of the shot. The others follow her. Gadget reaches a door and pushes a square, pink button nearby. The doors open. The Rangers swim past and the doors close.

The camera shows us a view of the inside of the food locker. The Rangers swim past shelves of food packages. "Gee, how will we decide what to eat?" inquires Gadget. "How about this?" Dale asks as he grabs a bag. Both float away from the shelf and Dale rips it open. Several small, triangular objects float out of the bag and Monty grabs one. There is a red circle on it with an orange "C" on the wrapper. "C-H-E...spells cheeeeeze!" declares Monty as he has a cheese attack. After he devours the little, orange wedge, Gadget swims over to him and says, "That's *dehydrated* cheese, Monty!" "Eeeyah; I thought it was a mite dry goin' down." he replies. A bulge appears in Monty's belly (accompanied by a weird sound effect), then another. Then his body stretches until most of his body resembles a triangular wedge of cheese (visual gag, folks ;).Zipper squeezes the contents of a tube into his mouth, until his lower body becomes bigger than his head. "Aaaah." he sighs contently. Dale opens a tube and squeezes it. The tube (and Dale with it) is propelled around the room, leaving a trail of orangish paste. The tube crashes into a wall and so does Dale. Chips laughs. Dale pouts and then opens another tube. He squeezes it and a blob of paste strikes Chip in the face (and spins him around once). Chip strikes an angry pose.

The camera dissolves to a littered food locker. The Rescue Rangers are floating among the debris and are relaxed (not to mention full). Camera view zooms in on Dale and Chip. "Boy oh boy, this astronaut stuff is great!" declares Dale.

The camera view goes outside the Space Plane. We see a meteor travel through space and hit the Space Plane. The camera goes back to the food locker. The Rangers and the refuse are tossed all around the food locker. The camera goes to the cockpit. Buzz's seatbelt is the only thing that keeps him in his seat. Joy, alarmed, asks, "What is happening?!" Part of the control panel sparks.

Roger pushes some buttons and a diagram of the Space Plane appears on a display. "We've been hit by a meteor." A pipe burst and a gust of gas is emitted from it. The astronauts are knocked out as cold as yesterday's beans. Fade to black.

Fade in on cockpit area. The astronauts are still out like broken light bulbs as the communications speaker barks out, "Launch Control to Space Plane--come in!" The camera pans left and a door opens. We see the Rangers floating in the doorway. The speaker barks out, "You have a major oxygen leak and we've lost remote flight control! You must land immediately before your oxygen is gone!" The camera goes to Monty, Zipper, and Gadget. Monty declares, "A three bell alarm wouldn't rouse *those* astronauts!" Camera goes to Chip, who tugs on his hat and replies, "We've gotta wake them up!" Chip kicks off toward the astronauts and the other Rangers follow.

Chip grabs Roger's collar, yanks it, and yells, "Wake up!" Monterey Jack shouts, "Rise an' shine, mate!" into Buzz's ear while Zipper hops on Buzz's nose. They get no response, either. Gadget lifts Joy's left eyelid. Joy's pupils appear dilated and she doesn't respond to Gadget's action.

"They're out cold!" confirms Gadget. Close up on the speaker; it barks, "You must land immediately! Repeat..." Sparks fly out of the speaker and the comm goes dead.

"What are we going to do?" Gadget asks, with her paws on her chin. Camera switches to an outside view. The Space Plane's computer barks, "Warning! You have two minutes of oxygen left!" [Insert commercial.]

We see the launch site and the Control Tower. Dissolve to Stan Blather, who reports, "Minutes ago, a large meteor collided with the Space Plane." Camera shows Stan, with the Control Tower crew in the background. "Launch Control has been unable to contact the astronauts." Stan put his right hand to his ear; apparently he has an audio feed in it. "Just a moment; we're receiving a transmission from the Space Plane." We hear the Rangers shouting and screaming unintelligibly.

A crewman in an orange jumpsuit taps his headphones and exchanges puzzled looks with the scientist. Camera switches to a close-up of Dale shouting into a microphone. "HELP!! Ya gotta get us *down* from heeeere!" he yells. The microphone shorts out and Dale backs away, Chip catches him. Close-up on Gadget as she comments, "They can't help us! We'll have to land the Space Plane ourselves!" Shot of Chip and Dale as she continues, "It's a good thing you two have had astronaut training." They are suddenly alarmed, look at each other, and both gulp. The computer broadcasts another warning, "Warning! You have one minute of oxygen remaining!"

"Well, here goes." says Chip as he swims toward the control panel. He pushes a blue button. The engines whine to life and the Space Plane dives. All of the Rangers are thrown against the bulkhead. Camera goes to an outside shot of the Plane diving. Camera goes to Stan Blather. We see people panicking and running around behind him as he reports, "We've just been told the Space Plane has re-entered the atmosphere and is heading toward the Space Center. It looks like everything is going to be a-okay."

Camera goes back to the diving Space Plane. We see the Rangers huddled in a group, screaming and trying to steady each other. Another shot of the diving Plane. Back inside, Chip crawls across a panel, pushes a button, flips a switch, and throws a hand-lever. He then pulls a switch with a purple knob on top and looks around, confused. "What do I do now?"

"Hey! I know!" shouts Dale as he scrambles up the panel and pushes another button. The main engines stop thrusting the Space Plane forward. Back in the cockpit, Dale is about to flip a switch. "And now, this one!" he declares. Chip grabs him and pull him away. "No, wait! Try this one" suggests Chip, before walking to a dip switch on a different section and flips it. This activates the flaps (?) and the Space Plane levels out of its dive. Chip and Dale roll down the panel. "Teamwork, partner!" comments Chip, as he gives Dale a high five--er, um four. "You said it!" responds Dale as he returns the gesture. Something "pings" and the boys gasp as they see the ground getting closer in the forward view. "What do we do now?" asks Dale. Chip looks at Gadget, Dale cringes behind Chip, Gadget shrugs and looks at Monty who shrugs back. Everyone looks at Zipper. He shrugs and squeaks an "I dunno." The Plane plunges toward the ground.

Camera switches to the Control Tower. Stan Blather reports, "In a tragic development, the Space Plane is now plunging straight toward the Control Tower. Wait a minute! *I'm* in the Control Tower!!" He runs away, screaming.

Camera switches back to the Space Plane, and then a close-up on Gadget and Monty. Gadget muses, "If this were the Ranger Plane, I'd pull back on the stick." She runs and jumps on the control stick. She is soon followed by Monty, then Chip and Dale. Their combined effort pulls the stick down and the Space Plane pulls away from the tower. It loops around (Gadget's hair flops down during the process ;D) and flies through a hangar, then onto a runway. The landing gear lowers and makes contact with the runway. Close-up on Gadget as she suggests, "Let's hit the brakes!" She jumps up the panel, followed by the boys. They all start pushing up on a large, red hand-lever. The landing gear squeals and one of the wheels pop. "We aren't stopping!" announces Chip. We see a rock formation at the end of the runway (who in the heck designed *that* runway?") and the Plane is headed right for it. Chip and Dale pull up on the lever while the others push up. The Space Plane skids, slows, and bumps into the rock formation. The impact tosses the Rangers up out of view. The astronauts wake up (finally!). Buzz stretches and yawns. Roger asks, "What happened?" Joy replies, "We must have landed the Space Plane." Buzz comments, "I don't even remember doing it." Roger responds, "Training. It makes a job seem easy."

Camera goes to the Rangers, who are lying in an area between the front glass and the top of the control panel. We see Dale perched on Monty. "Yeah. easy." Dale comments before tumbling, backwards, off of Monty.

Scene shifts to a parade. Confetti rains down all over the place. Stan Blather reports from a crowd, "Thousands of people have turned out to welcome their first Space Plane astronauts." We see two motorcycles escort a blue car (convertible?) with a red interior. The three astronauts wave to the crow from the back seat of the car. Stan continues, "And here they come now: Commander Roger Houston, Pilot Buzz Airfield, and Scientist Joy Rider. Their heroic landing of the damaged Space Plane may have seemed like a small step for a man, but..." The camera pans down to the front bumper, where the Rangers are sitting. Dale finishes with, "...but a giant leap for a chipmunk!" All of the Rescue Rangers smile and wave. Fade to black.


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