Catteries Not Included

Episode story by Tad Stones
Episode teleplay by Bruce Talkington
Summary by Chris Birkett


The show opens with a shot of the Police Station. Police cars come and go as the view pans in on the station entrance. Moving inside, officer Muldoon is mulling over case notes, while Sargent Spinelli does the same at his desk. Spinelli turns the ceiling fan on. Zooming upwards, we find there are more occupants to the station than originally thought. Chip is seated on the edge of the fan, binoculars ready, looking for any signs of action. He is alert as always.

"Keep your eyes peeled, men, a case could pop up anywhere!" he enthuses.

Looking across to his chums however, we see they are not quite as ready for action. Dale and Zipper are asleep, snoring loudly. Monterey looks as if he's about to join them, observing his teammates with a bored expression. Suddenly an idea strikes him. He rubs the back of his neck and holds his fingers close together. A short burst of electricity shows he has built up a static charge. A wicked look graces his face, and he decides to give Dale a 'friendly' wake up call. He touches the sleeping Rangers hand, and Dale jumps half a foot in the air. He doesn't seem terribly angered by it though, more interested than anything else.

"Hey great trick Monterey! How d'you do it?" he inquires.

"It's called static electricity Dale," Monty casually explains. "First you rub something furry to build up a charge," (and at this point he grabs Dale and rubs his head into oblivion) "then you pick your target"

Monty looks round, as Dale gives a horrified look, and sees the still unconscious form of Zipper. One quick poke and Zipper shoots off-screen, returning moments later to rebuke the burly mouse. Monty laughs.

"Sorry mate, got carried away with my demonstration, didn't I Dale?"

He turns to Dale, a nervous expression crossing his brow.

"Er.... Dale?" he asks.

Cutting to Monty's point of view we see why. Chip is once more leaning out over the room, whilst a very mischievous-looking Dale creeps up behind him. Dale rubs his read, and pokes Chip's tail. Chip files off screen in shock, landing where Dale slept before. Dale meanwhile is in pleats. An EXTREMELY annoyed Chip tramps up to Dale and gives him a good kick up the backside.

"Ouch! What did you do that for?" Dale complains

"You ding dong! You're supposed to be watching for cases!" retorts Chip

(During this exchange, the ominous yellow/orange "cheese smell" trail passes above the chipmunks' heads.)

Monty isn't affected yet. Zipper is now leaning on his stomach.

"Aw, you've gotta learn to relax, Chip me lad. If someone needs our help, we'll find out"

FLASH, BANG WALLOP. The eyes go wide, the ears curl, and Zipper is thrown of Monterey's stomach as the mouse catches the whiff of cheese.

"Oh no!" Chip and Dale cry in unison.

"Ch-ee-ee-ee-ez-ze!" Monty is overcome.

Looking down, we can see the cheese is on Spinelli's sandwich.

Chip, Dale and Zipper all run/fly after him, but can only catch dust as he falls of the edge of the fan. Monty catches one of the fan blades, twirls round, bounces off Officer Kirby's head (whose only response is "Hey!!!") and swings round a coat hanger, landing at the foot of Spinelli's desk. Spinelli is talking on the phone, eating his sandwich at the same time.

"The lightning took out the main transformer at the power company. The weird thing is that it looks like it wasn't an accident," he explains.

Monty climbs up a phone cable on to Spinelli's desk, drooling all the time. As Spinelli picks up his sandwich, Monty jumps up, clinging to some holes in the cheese slice. Chip, Dale and Zipper all appear on Spinelli's desk as Monty jumps, just missing him yet again.

Spinelli continues. "I know it sounds crazy but (munch) we've got a letter taking credit for the lightning strikes, (munch) before they hit."

At this point Spinelli turns round on his chair quickly. The force flings Monty (and the cheese slice he is holding) out of the sandwich landing on the desk. He guzzles the cheese and falls contentedly to the ground. A small rope loop lands on his foot, and Monty speeds out of the picture. He's next seen all tied up being ticked off by Zipper, whilst Chip and Dale look on irritatedly.

Spinelli puts down the phone, and the Rangers peer out of their hiding place (an in-box tray)

A small girl (named Mandy in several publications, though not in the show) is sat down in tears.

"See, this is what Spunky looks like" she sniffles, holding a picture of a cat up to Spinelli.

Spinelli is obviously embarrassed, pulling on his collar.

"I'm sorry, but kitten runaways aren't in our jurisdiction," he tells her.

"But Spunky would never run away. Someone must have taken him," she pleads.

Chip, Dale and Zipper all start crying, whilst Spinelli tries his best.

"Aww, now don't cry. I'll tell you what, I'll tell the men to keep an eye out, okay?" He tries to comfort her, setting the picture down on his desk.

"Thank you sir," Mandy says half-heartedly as she leaves his room.

"Poor little girl!" Dale exclaims in tears.

"I think we should help her!" Chip declares, pulling a retractable paper clip thingy (you try to explain it--it's kind of like a fold-up fishing pole) out of his jacket pocket.

"Yeah, yeah!!!" Dale agrees (holding Zipper for some reason) Monty bounces up and down (he's tied up, remember?) indicating his approval.

Chip uses the paper clip to capture the picture and then runs off, passing by Dale (who has just untied Monty - he's holding some string) and Monty - now ready for action. They both run off after him, each gliding down the phone cable (Dale's shirt is plain red here) and run off along the floor. Dale runs on all fours, whilst Chip and Monty run like humans. They run through a panel in the skirting board, and end up coming through a vent on the roof.

Chip is up first.

"Hurry, we've got to follow her! I'll set the catapults for the launch pad," he orders, stuffing the picture in his jacket pocket. (Must have REAL big pockets.)

Dale is next up.

"Sure, sure! We can follow in the Ranger Plane," he shouts, following Chip off screen.

Monty isn't quite as fast.

"Are you lads sure we should help a kitten?" he asks, struggling to get through the vent.

"After all, don't kittens grow up to be cats?" he continues, climbing up to his catapult - mouse traps fitted with tea strainers, in which sit the Rangers.

Zipper puts an acorn in the loader, then fires it on to a target. It bounces off and hits each of the mouse traps in turn, setting them off. As they shoot towards home, their cry is:

"Rescue Rangers Away!!"

The scene moves to RRHQ. Gadget is outside working on the Ranger Plane, not unusually wondering where a few spare parts go. She looks up and sees the rest of the gang bounce off a perfectly positioned fly swatter, then follows them across as they swing down a broom handle onto the tree branch. Chip and Monty manage this well, but Dale somehow gets stuck in a windsock, falling towards the ground and being caught by Monty (whose helmet is covering his eyes at the time!!!)

Chip tells Gadget about the case.

"A case? Golly, that's great news!" she says happily, putting down the bolt she is holding (whoa!! Reassuring!!!) and getting into the plane. Chip follows close behind and sits next to her in the front. Gadget starts up the plane, as Monty looks on nervously.

"No offence Gadget luv, but you sure you're finished?" he asks. (Zipper echoes his movements - watch closely)

"Sure I'm sure!" Gadget calls down.

"Not like the last time?" Monty retorts, folding his arms.

"Oh Monty, how many times do you think the wings can fall off a plane?" she asks

"I don't know, you tell me!" Monty replies, turning his back on the plane and its occupants.

"I have complete trust in your work," Chip begins, at which Gadget blushes violently. Chip's reaction to this is for his eyes to flutter like wings. He's just about to kiss her when Dale lands between them (Don't ask me where he came from, Monterey had supposedly caught him. Knowing how Dale likes "rides" he may have gone back to do it again though) and starts to make eyes at Gadget, much to Chip's annoyance.

Monterey's still not convinced.

"All the same, perhaps someone should pad the pavement a bit and ask them questions, you know - find out if anyone's seen the little napper?" he says. This gives Chip an idea.

"Great idea Monterey!" he shouts, picking Dale up (whose now kissing Gadget up the arm) and throwing him onto the floor next to Monterey.

"Here, take Dale with you! Show the photo around Cat Alley," he says gleefully, throwing it to them. Monty pales substantially.

"C...c...c...Cat Alley?" he manages, while Dale gives him a puzzled look.

"We'll meet you there!" shouts Chip, as the Ranger Plane takes off.

We move back to Mandy, lonelily cycling home. As she reaches her destination, the camera changes to show Chip, Gadget and Zipper in the Ranger Plane. Obviously they've been able to follow her.

"There she is, on that bike!" Chip observes.

Finding her house, the plane uses its suction cups to land on the roof (actually jumping across the whole roof and sticking right at the far end). Chip and Gadget slide down to an open window using string - the string has paper clips attached to the bottom to keep it straight. (Next time you can't find any paper clips, you know who has them.)

Mandy's in the room, looking at another picture of Spunky.

"I shouldn't have left him alone!" she cries.

Chip and Gadget look on from the window ledge.

"Oh Chip, I can't believe a kitten would run away from such a sweet little girl," Gadget says. As she says it, she happens to look behind Chip, and her temperament changes completely.

There are huge claw marks in the window ledge.

"Hey Chip, look at that!" she shouts

"They look like animal claw marks, but no animal would be that strong - at least no animal around here anyway," she chatters, now using an eyepiece to look at them closely. "I mean a Tiger or Bear could do it but golly..."

"Hey, look down there!" Chip interrupts, pointing to the ground outside. There are some fairly hefty footprints in the grass.

Gadget joins Chip to see what's there.

"Golly again Chip, those tracks have just the kind of claws that could have ripped this window sill!" she concludes.


Now we move over to Monty and Dale. For some reason it is now absolutely pitch black, and they haven't even arrived at cat alley. They must walk real slowly. Monty is in a BIG BAD mood, grumbling as he walks.

"Grr, Cat Alley, why do we have to check out...." SPLOOSH. To add to things he's just stepped in some chewing gum. Dale walks on ahead.

"And do you know what cats eat?!" Monterey shouts after him.

"Mice!" Dale exclaims, looking round a bin can into the alley.

"Too right!" Monty agrees

"And don't think they wouldn't mind a bit of chipmunk for dessert either!" he adds.

"No, no, no. Mice!" Dale tells him. He runs over to Monterey, pulling him free of the chewing gum, and into the alley.

When the view changes, an unbelievable scene is shown. The major hang out for cats in the entire city is run-over with mice, and they're having the party of their lives.

Monty is stunned.

"Too-ra-loo, too-ra-li! What happened to all the cats?" he asks, as he and Dale edge cautiously forward.

One of the mice who's wearing a rather jazzy outfit and shades calls down from above.

"Hey, don't look a gift cat in the mouth! They bugged out two nights ago" (all the other mice nod) "and ain't been back since, man!" (all the other mice shake their heads.)

"How about this itty-bitty cat?" Dale asks him, showing them the picture of Spunky.

The mice look indignantly at him, and the same one speaks again.

"Hey, cool your jets! You don't wanna put a clamp on things by bringing back a cat!"

He flips to the ground and does a snazzy little dance.

"It's time to be a party animal!" he finishes, knocking Dale to the ground and doing a moonwalk out of the picture.

"Do you think something chased the cats away?" Dale asks Monty, looking up at him.

"Maybe, the trick to solve in a case like this is to think like a cat!" Monty replies.

Dale, however, has another idea.

"No, no, no, no. Not think like cat, BE a cat!" He smiles and stalks off.

"Better lay off the nuts, lad, you are what you eat you know" Monty comments, casting a skeptical look towards Dale.

Next, we see a general scene of the mice having El Biggo Partio. Many are dancing, whilst some are playing with an apple core. There is a sudden "MIIIAAAOOWWW!!" that sounds an awful lot like Monterey Jack. As all the mice drop what they are doing, and look towards the noise. Their unanimous cry is..

"Cat?!?!?!?........aaarrgh!!!!" and they all disappear rapidly from the area. Looking over we see a VERY unreal looking excuse for a cat disguise. It's made of wooden sticks (for legs), has a noisemaker for a nose, and its body looks like a patchwork quilt. A view inside reveals all. It's Dale's 'be a cat' idea. He's working the back legs whilst Monty (with a definite look of despair) is working the front legs, and trying to miaow through the noisemaker .

His first line says it all.

"I've had nightmares about being inside cats, but they were nothing like this!" he tells the camera.

A growling noise from outside catches their attention. Stopping, they look through the cats eyes. What can only be described as a mechanical dog, with a tail that bleeps and headlights for eyes (PLEASE believe me) is heading towards them. As his eyes shine over the makeshift cat, he grins; his tail bleeps a lot, and he starts jumping up and down.

Dale wins the prize for understatement of the year.

"I think he's spotted us."

As the dog draws near, Monty feels ever so slightly insecure.

"Why do I feel like I'm a shrimp on the barbie?" he asks anyone who'll listen.

The dog lunges at them. Monty and Dale give their best scream and just manage to dodge his teeth.

"What's say we go walkabout?" Monty comments as the cat ducks.

The dog hits a lamppost. Getting up, he shakes his head (and just look at those bolts that go flying when he does!", shines his lights and relocates the makeshift cat.

"Yaaarrgh!!!" we hear Monty scream, and the cat is off again - mechanical dog hot on its heals. Watching how fast Monty and Dale work the legs now compared with before is absolutely hilarious.

For some reason, they try to climb up a telegraph post. They of course fail, and the dog latches on to the cat's tail. As the dog increases its grip, and the makeshift cat tries to climb, the strain takes its toll; and some of the stitching in the cat's body comes loose, allowing Dale to look down in horror at the mutt below.

Meanwhile Chip, Gadget And Zipper are flying above to meet their friends. Zipper notices the commotion down below, and motions to the others.

"Golly, what king if dog is that?!" Gadget shouts in surprise, as herself and Chip look down.

Whether the dog does so deliberately, I don't know, but it lets go of the tail, sending them and the cat way up into the air. Monty and Dale come out of the cat and carry on upwards. They end up so high, they're able to wave to their teammates in the Ranger Plane, before plummeting back down to earth. Below, the dog is waiting with an open jaw.

It catches the makeshift cat AND Dale in its mouth. Then its tail bleeps, presumably to signify it's caught something. Monty lands in a trash can nearby, but is having none of it. He jumps out, carrying with him a piece of metal pipe.

"I'm coming mate!" he shouts

"Help, Monterey Jack, get me outta here!!" shouts a petrified Dale from inside the dog.

Monty hits the dogs foot with the pipe. This causes some sort of electric short, as Monty is thrown away landing a few feet back "sizzling" whilst meanwhile the dog collapses to the ground. Inside, Dale does not apear to take this well, looking like he has a bad headache.

Monterey is soon up. "Dale, mate!!! Speak to me!!"

He hears something and looks around, it's Zipper blowing his contribution to "Rescue Rangers away." He's just able to duck out of the way of a screwdriver carried by Chip and Gadget. They've presumably landed nearby, and Chip presumably had the screwdriver in his pocket next to Spunky's picture.

"Okay Zipper, go for it!" Chip shouts.

Zipper twizzles the screwdriver around incredibly fast, and a trap door opens. Dale is flipped out and lands on the ground looking extremely unwell. Gadget gives him a sorrowful look.

Monty looks at the trap door, then at their cat inside.

"Well, it looks like the cats weren't eaten after all," he concludes.

Chip agrees.

"No, someone is using robots to capture cats! But for what? And where?"

Suddenly an idea hits him, and he walks over to Gadget.

"Gadget, can you fix this?" he asks eagerly

"Sure, just have to reconnect a few wires!" she replies and hops inside. Moments later. Moments later, her head pops own out of the dog.

"We can ride inside it!" she calls merrily.

Whilst Chip is treating this with a wide grin, Monty is less confident.

"I can hardly wait!" he tells Zipper sarcastically.

The next few scenes chart the progress of the Rangers' dog through town. It now has wonky head lights, a tendency to lean, and walk VERY haphazardly . It is then seen walking up a mountain trail, to an ominous looking laboratory. Two other dogs are stood outside the lab, facing a circular door. There is a loud crunch from behind them, and they turn to see the Rangers' dog walking into a wall. It looks like it has just lost a big fight. The Rangers' dog joins them at the door, which then opens, and they walk inside. Again, the Rangers dog walks into the wall first. Inside the two normal dogs line up, then the Rangers one butts in between them, separating them. They look at it irritatedly.

A panel opens on the Rangers' dog, out of which they peer. As they look around, they can see hundreds of cats locked in cages all around the circular room.

"What is this place?" Gadget gasps, horrified.

"A nightmare!" Monty answers, equally horrified, but for different reasons.

In front, a large shadow moves towards the dogs.

"C'mon. Time to abandon dog!" Chip orders.

The panel shuts. Seconds later another panel at the back of the dog opens, out of which piles the Rangers. They find an empty cage and duck inside.

"Sssh" Chip advises his friends.

The figure casting the huge shadow emerges. It's Professor Nimnul, our resident mad professor.

"All right boys, hoo hoo! Line up!" he tells the dogs.

The two normal dogs obey and form a line (why, when they were in a perfectly good one before I don't know). The Rangers' dog slowly pods to the end of the line and nearly falls over.

"I'm ready puppies! Give" he continues.

All the dogs open their mouths wide. Then, out of his pocket, he pulls a control pad, pushes a few buttons, and two big mechanical arms are activated. They reach into the two normal dogs mouths and pull out....cats! Pushing a few more buttons, Nimnul transfers the cats into some empty cages. Having completed their task, the arms return to their resting place in the centre of the room, above a large pit.

"Good doggies, nice puppies!" Nimnul congratulates the two dogs, patting them. He then sees the Rangers decrepit dog.

"Aw my poor puppy, Bit unwell are we? Professor Nimnul will make it all better!" he says. Through this passage, the dog backs away - well, if you were a mechanical dog and someone was patting and talking to YOU, wouldn't YOU back away?

Then Nimnul disappears inside the dogs mouth (hand up all those who said "close your mouth now!" when watching)

"But first give Daddums the nasty kitties!" Nimnul shouts.

He then realises there are no cats in there: "Seems a bit too roomy in here." He gets out and faces the dog.

"Where are my cats! You incompetent OOFF!!!" At this point he kicks a mechanical dog full whack, pretty painful I'd say.

"Ow, ooch, ouch, ow, argh!" is his response (amazing that the computers spell checker doesn't recognise any of those words, grief, I know I use them a lot!)

The other two dogs laugh. Nimnul is not pleased. (Listen now for the plot)

"I don't like being laughed at," he begins, as the two dogs cease their laughing and eye him nervously.

"I offered those fools at the power company, a revolutionary source of cheap power, and they laughed."

He belts the dogs with a wrench. STOP RIGHT THERE. Call the authorities somebody, mechanical dogs have rights.

Then he starts towards the third dog, who's understandably cowering.

"But they'll be sorry. The police have my demands, and this time it is I who will do the laughing!" Cue evil mad laugh.

You know when you twirl your index finger round your ear when signifying somebody isn't quite with it? That's what Dale is doing now.

Monty is of the same opinion.

"You are so right! Let's find Spunky and beat it!" he tells Dale, but Dale is doubtful of their success.

"Oooohh, no-body's gonna find one little-ittle cat in that!" he begins.

As if on cue, Zipper appears, frantically buzzing.

"What's he saying?" Gadget asks

"He's found Spunky!" Monterey translates

The scene shifts to Spunky's cage, high up in the building. The Rescue Rangers are standing outside.

"Who are you guys?" Spunky asks.

"We're the Rescue Rangers!" Dale's voice and Chip's body reply.

"Where going to get you back to your little girl!" says Chip.

"Monterey Jack, get the bars!" he finishes.

The rest of the Rangers get out of the way whilst Monty stretches the cage bars as much as he can. When he signals that he can't do any more, Chip and Dale rush inside and start pushing Spunky through the opening.

"Come on Spunky!" Chip encourages

"You can do it!" Dale joins in.

Eventually Spunky squeezes through.

"Thanks Mr Monterey" he tells the blushing mouse gratefully.

"Aaww, don't mention it" Monty shrugs.

Then, by tying a string around Spunky, they lower him to the ground.

"Easy, easy," Gadget guides the gang as they take the strain. Back on the ground they untie Spunky.

"Now lets beat it!" Chip starts

"While the beatings good!" Dale's voice and Chip's body finish.

"No!" shouts Gadget.

"What?!" everyone gasps. She explains herself to them

"We're not leaving until all these cats are free! We are the Rescue Rangers after all; and who know what that terrible man has in store for them."

Chip looks round.

"But how will we open all these cages?" he asks, at which Zipper (again as if on cue) can be heard trying to carry a control pad much like Nimnul's.

Unfortunately Dale gets to it first.

"Just press buttons! See?" he calls happily, and presses several at once.

"No!!" Chip screams, but Monty echoes all his sentiments.

"Too late" he yelps, pointing at the hands.

Two activate, and come straight for the gang.

"Run!!!" Gadget shouts, but Spunky can't get out of the way in time and is caught.

"Grab him!" Chip tells Dale as Spunky passes.

They catch his paws and continue upwards with him. The hand drops them into another, at which point a big brushes starts rubbing them to death.

Gadget, Monty and Zipper all run/fly off to a desk and climb up a wire to get to a control panel. - Don't know what was up with the one Dale just used.

"Crikey, what's that thing doing now? Trying to make friends?" Monty asks.

"No, it's building up an incredible charge of static electricity" Gadget observes.

"We have to do something!" Monty tells her.

Gadget walks to the control pad and presses a few buttons.

"That oughtta do it!" she comments.

The machine stops, and Chip, Dale and Spunky are all lowered to the ground, breathing sighs of relief. They look VERY fluffed up.

Monty has started to climb back down the wire to join them, when the Rangers mechanical dog appears from nowhere. Monty acts quickly.

"Quick girl, throw me the wrench!" he shouts up.

Gadget and Zipper push the wrench over the desk, which Monty catches. He twirls it in front of the dog, grabbing its attention.

"Her boy, her boy, see the nice stick, see it?" he says to the dog. The dogs starts begging.

"Here you go, fetch it boy!" Monty shouts, throwing the wrench across the room. The dog runs after it, a tremendous clatter of nuts and bolts echoing around the room as it does so.

Through a door Nimnul re-enters (he'd been out?) and inadvertently catches the wrench in his left arm.

"What's going on in here?" he asks, then the dog runs into him.

Chip has seen the events.

"The Professor's back. Let's get outta here!" he shouts.

"Get off me!" shouts Nimnul kicking the dog. As he does so, Chip and Dale run past unnoticed, but Spunky - quickly following - is seen.

"Where's Spunky?!" asks Gadget as Chip and Dale reach her.

"A kitten?!" asks Nimnul.

Nimnul picks Spunky up. Tapping the dog's foot, its mouth opens like a trash can, and Spunky is put inside. He comes straight out of the Rangers trap door at the other end. Chip signals for them to duck for cover, and they run out of the scene.


Nimnul walks over to the desk and picks up the control pad Gadget had used just moments earlier. Pressing several buttons, all of the cats' cages open. Mechanical hands reach inside grabbing them, and deposit them in the big pit in the centre of the room. Now the mechanical hands delve into the mound of cats, picking them up and rubbing them with brushes -just like what happened to Chip, Dale and Spunky before. It's the static electricity trick Monterey showed Dale at the beginning of the episode, but this is on a much bigger scale.

Nimnul goes over his plan.

"Once the kitties charge my generator, it'll throw a lightning bolt that'll make the city sizzle like bacon!" All this is accompanied by much hysterical laughter.

The static electricity obtained by rubbing the cats' fur is conducted to a metal orb in the top of the building, from which a big hand emanates, reaching out of the building to poke down at the town below.

"Oh no, this doesn't look good!" Dale observes as the Rangers peer out of a bin. Is this the second biggest understatement of the year?

"It's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight! Now for some serious devastation!" laughs Nimnul.

"How do we stop him now?" Chip despairs.

"Oh no, the kid's gone bonza loco!" Monty points.

Spunky is sneaking up on Nimnul. He looks up and observes his HUGE bum, and decides to jump up and cling to it, just as Nimnul is about to press the button marked "City Destruction"

"Yiaaaoowww!!!" Nimnul shouts. He lets go of the control pad, sending it flying through the air.

"I got it!" Chip and Dale both shout at each other, each time in a more exasperated tone, until somehow they're able to trip over each other and fall to the floor.

"Did you get it?" Chip asks Dale

"No, did you?" Dale replies.

As they look up, it lands on top of them. Chip's hat comes off and lands on top of the control pad.

"Get me that remote control!" Nimnul orders the two proper dogs, and they duly plod away - complete with 'grief he gets on my nerves' expressions.

He then turns to the modified one.

"I told you to hold on to this!" he shouts pointing to Spunky, still attached to his rear end.

The dog now goes completely nuts, and assumes Nimnul wants it to get get his rear end, which he then continues to do.

"Hey, no! Get the cat, not me! Wait!Stop! Heal! Sit! HELP!!!!!" Nimnul shouts and he runs off, the dog chasing him.

Monty runs over to Chip and Dale and picks up the control pad. Looking around he sees the two dogs heading for him.

"Push off lads, at the double!" he shouts and runs off.

Chip and Dale duck under the first dog, and grab onto its tail. The try to make their way to its head.

"Run Monterey, run!"

Now we have Monty, holding a control pad, being chased round the room by two dogs in one direction; and Nimnul being chased by a dog running in the other direction. Just one of a number of GREAT comedy sequences in this episode.

Chip and Dale have by now managed to climb to the front of the dog.

"Monterey, thrown it up here!" Chip shouts.

Monty does as he is told and the chipmunks catch it. He is then faced by a wall. (Odd seeing as how the room is circular and they were running round it. Maybe he deviated when throwing the remote up to Chip and Dale)

Before the dog can destroy Monty, however, Chip taps its shoulder.

"Excuse me," he calls, and the dog stops.

Chip is holding the control pad on his back, and Dale is ready to do what he loves - press buttons.

"Surprise," Dale shouts, and presses a few.

As the chipmunks jump off, the dog sees them, and turns to chase them - but two mechanical hands descend on it and flatten it into a trash can lid. Monty covers his eyes while it happens. The flattened dog then rolls away out of the picture. The other dog is picked up by two other hands, and they mould it into a basketball, then throwing it into a trash can. (Hey , then they could put the other on top for the lid!!!)

THIS IS VERY CRUEL. Please do not do this at home, the SPCMD (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Mechanical Dogs) will press for the heaviest penalties if it sees any being used as basketballs or bin-lids.

Nimnul meanwhile is hanging on for dear life to yet another hand. As he squirms, Spunky is ripped off the back of his lab coat.

"Sic him! Not me, him!"" Nimnul shouts to the Rangers' dog, which eventually gets the message and chases off after Spunky.

Anyone wondering where Gadget and Zipper are in all of this? I know I am!

Monty throws a ladder (Oh come on, surely he didn't have THAT in his jacket pocket) into the pit below.

"Here Kitties, Nice Kitties!" he shouts.

Then he realizes what's done there, and what he's just said.

"Arrgghhh!" he shouts.

The cats miaow violently (whether this is at freedom or the sight of Monty can be left to yourself) and run up the ladder and out of the lab (obviously it was for freedom). Monty is hanging on for dear life to one of their tails.

"Whoa, whoa!!!! PLEASE whoa!!" he screams.

Back in the lab.

"Let's find Spunky and scram" Chip tells Dale, Gadget and Zipper (oh, NOW they're here!) He's still holding the control pad.

"Not so fast, small fries!" comes Nimnuls voice.

He snatches the pad off Chip.

"You rodents are history!" he tells them.

He presses a few buttons, and one of the hands positions itself above their heads, complete with a mallet (?!?!?!?!?!) The Rangers look up, and their eyes nearly pop out with fright. ( guys, y'know legs??) Nimnul is just about to flatten them when....

"Yiaoww!" he screams. Looking down, we see Spunky once more attached to him backside.

"What? You again? Oh no, where's that no good......"

The dog arrives right on cue, heading straight for Nimnul's rear end. Spunky jumps off at the very last minute, but the dog continues and eats.........NIMNUL! (This dog has a bigger appetite than me, and I usually compare quite well to mechanical dogs.)

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" screeches Nimnul from inside, as the dog digests him.(ewww)

"You'll pay for this! When I get out of here, the whole world will pay!" he shouts from inside the dog, which then falls to the ground for a good nap.

Then, a tired out Monty returns to the scene. Panting, he leans on Spunky for support.

"Well, they're all out, and If I never see another cat again, It'll be too soon," he gasps.

Realising what he's said, he quickly turns to face Spunky.

"Er, no offense kid?" he asks.

"Course not, Mr. Monterey!" Spunky replies, smiling, and gives him a friendly hug.

"Now only one job left!" Chip shouts, now stood in front of the dog.

"Lets go!" he shouts, and the Rangers (well at least Chip, Monty, Dale and Spunky) depart.

"Let me out, let me out!" wails Nimnul.

"I wonder where my can opener is?" he muses as the dog gives the camera a wink. This has got to be the best line of the episode.

For the final scene, we move back to Mandy's house (It's daylight again now - presumably next morning). The Rangers run up the steps, whilst Monterey rides on Spunky's back. (Given Monty's general opinion of cats - no matter how large - this is phenomenal.)

"I don't see why I have to wear a bow!" Spunky complains, trying to get it off.

Zipper flies up and presses the door bell.

"Do you think she'll remember me?" he asks, still trying to get the blue bow that they've tied round his neck, off.

The door opens and the Rangers run off. Mandy looks outs, and down to the ground. Seeing Spunky, her eyes light up with joy.

"Spunky!" she cries ecstatically

"Miaaow!" Spunky replies, leaping up into her arms. As she goes in, she cuddles him.

"Oh you home, your home! Momma, Daddy, Spunky's home!" we hear her say from inside.

The Rangers appear from various plant pots.

"Aww!" Dale sighs, as Zipper lands on his head.

"Another case closed, with a happy ending!" Chip concludes, fixing his hat.

"And Monterey has learned that even cats have their place, haven't you Monty?" Gadget chimes in.

"Too right I have! Winks Monterey, elbowing Dale friendlily.

"A cats place is as far from me as possible!" he tells them.

All the Rangers laugh at Monterey's joke, and the Rangers second ever case is closed successfully.


NB This was the first RR episode to be produced and shown (and because of that I'm extremely honoured to summarise it) (--Julie's note--where I lived, "Flash the Wonder Dog" was the first aired) but "To The Rescue," although coming later, shows the Rangers' first ever case. This is presumably why Chip says "Another case closed with a happy ending" at the end, though probably at the time Disney hadn't thought about showing the Rangers origins, showing them as already set up. Obviously later they changed their mind.

This episode is one of my favourites. I know it off by heart. There's lots of comedy in it, and everyone gets a moment of hilarity each to their own. The mechanical dogs Nimnul used were incredibly funny to watch, both what they did and what happened to them; and Nimnul always makes people laugh anyway.

Two instances occur when the voice-overs are wrong. I've highlighted them already. Whilst Chip is obviously saying something, the voice is that of Dale's.

Also at one point, Dale's shirt is plain red - when sliding down the phone wire at the police station. There are lots of others as well - just watch closely.

A while ago there was a discussion at the Acorn Café about the Rangers behaving like their real life counterparts. Well in this episode, Dale visibly runs on all fours, as all animals do. Oddly enough, whilst he does so, neither Monterey or Chip (both running at the same time) do. They run like humans would, and how the Rescue Rangers generally do. Actually Dale runs on all fours more often than the rest - in "Chocolate Chips" and "Bearing Up Baby" among others. No idea why.

There are some great contraptions on this episode - Nimnuls "dogs" and "hands; Dale and Monterey's "cat" and the "mouse-trap catapult" on the police station roof - as well as the various implements Chip hides away in his jacket, and of course the Ranger Plane

It's been a great episode to summarize. All I can say is, if you have a copy - why not watch it to check?

Chris "Dale" Birkett


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