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Artist of the Month: August, 2005

The Artist of the Month for August, 2005 is Matt Plotecher.

User Comments
Jeff Parkes (, 08-01-2005 @ 09:11:44
Matt Plotecher has always been someone I've looked up to in the Rangerphile community. Not only has he been a (sometimes sole) supporter of some of my projects back in their infancy, such as WAM!, his stories have always been exciting, coherent, heartwrenching yet true to the series at the same time. He is one of the few authors that can write a C+G without me thinking, "CONTRIVED!"

But enough about that; I'm supposed to comment on his skills as an artist. Since I'm no artist, I can't really comment on the use of color or texture or any of that, but what I do like is the range of situations that he has portrayed. From the highly emotional to the highly comical, from the everyday to the outlandish, Matt's work runs the gamut of themes and situations. Also, he certainly does have his own style, which I've always enjoyed. For instance, a lot of artists, in order to make Gadget look better, often humanize her a lot, amke her look more like a supermodel than a mouse. Matt's take on Gadget(and on everyone else he draws, to a lesser extent) is different; and in fact, she looks a bit more portly. But the fact that she can be made in a style that society finds unappleaing and yet still be beautiful is either a testament to Matt's talent or a testament to my distate with supermodels. Either way, Matt accomplishes his goal. Here's hoping that one day he comes back to the Ranger community, for his is a presence that has been truly missed.
Jeff Pierce (, 08-01-2005 @ 19:54:47
Having become familiar with Matt's CDRR work through my editorship of "WTFB", I can vouch for all that Mr. Parkes has said above. I would add, however, that Matt's crosshatching technique -- especially for his "Covers That Never Were" series -- is one of the more unique and successful aspects of his Rangers art. It imparts a detail and solidity to his work that one doesn't always see in fan-created material, and makes his pieces instantly identifiable.

Given Mr. Plotecher's recent relocation to New York City to pursue his artistic and professional ambitions, I don't know how much time, if any, he will be able to devote to the CDRR fandom in the future. However, I echo Mr. Parkes's sentiments and hope that Matt will once again grace us with his considerable talents to write of -- and illustrate -- his take on the Rescue Rangers.
Hannah Allsup (, 08-06-2005 @ 04:19:56
Matt Plotcher was nearly the first RR artist I was ever exposed to. So, consequently, everything else I saw was judged against him at first. And even now, years later, I still find myself coming back to look at his art. I find something new every time. I especially love his Covers That Never Were, because I can easily see the Rangers in any of those situations. I also like his line art, because it's crisp, well-constructed and the poses are always interesting. A leggy, generously endowed Gadget just seems wrong (although in the hands of a good artist, even that can be appreciated, whereas his style portrays her and the rest of the Rangers as what they are: rodents. But they have their own, distinct personalities as well. There's a lot of depth to his art, some of which can be attributed to his unique style. There's something incredibly inviting about how he draws his characters. While his representation of the Rescue Rangers is one of my top four, I really enjoyed his own characters, too.

On a more personal note, I'd have to say that if I'd never stumbled upon Mr. Plotcher's RR art, I would probably never have gained my interest in drawing. Or, at least, I wouldn't have liked it so much, or so soon. He was a huge inspiration early on. And it's been, what? Five or six years, now, and I'm still amazed at how much I can find. I think that's a definate testement to his success as an artist. His is a style that will stand the test of time and delight views for years to come.
Matt Crotchett (, 08-20-2005 @ 13:46:30
Back in the day of my Rangery re-emergence, I remember stumbling onto a couple of very important websites. One being the central messageboard of the Ranger community, the Acorn Cafe, and the other being A Strange Website, Matt Plotecher's amazing online portfolio. Upon perusing his visual works of art, I was instantly enraptured in its amazing detail and thematics. Here were pieces of work that spoke of the events therein that mere pencil scratches, paint swatches or blotches of ink brought to life. I also took great pleasure in his Covers That Never Were series, because as it's been mentioned, none of those drawings are stretching the delightful continuity of Rangerdom that the short-lived Rescue Ranger comic line represented. Towards the end of Matt's regular website and drawing ambitions, I also thorougly enjoyed seeing his work displayed in the Disney Afternoon File Time email circulation with the amalgum of other DA cartoon-inspired works.

Being so thorougly amazed with his work, I sent him an email telling him so, and much to my surprise I found a response the very next day expressing appreciation for not only the compliments on his artwork, but also a couple tips on how he composed his art and even how he became interested in drawing. At the time, I was truly amazed that there were people who would respond to such a simple complimentary email, then I figured that a sense to feed off others' amazement to his artwork fueled him even more to create bigger and better compositions of art.

I can tell from looking at any one of Matt's wide range of artisitc compositions, be they works of photography, paint, computer illustration or otherwise, that he has a passion for and a knack of artistic expression. I definitely hope he can accomplish his ambitions and ultimately, I don't think there's doubt that he can and will. He's likely inspired many more poets, artists and even art admirers than he knows...and this artist is one of them.