The   Code

(C) Ultra-Flite Laboratories.
Version: 1.0
Blueprint by: Byron 'TheBoz' Crowe.
This is an archived copy - the RR Code's official home is here: The Ranger CODE

Quick reference (using TheBoz's code as an example):
RRC+ R? P+>++ TH(I-;X;Hu+;In;P;Sl) ME->++ Ig++ CR+>! Cc+d++f+o(Ditz)+F---n+ Ed+g++z D M++ Zm GH+++ L! Ga(87%)>++ Pc+d+o++ SS
Just click on the part of the code you want to look up.

This is much like the Geek code.
It was inspired by a post on the RR 'board, about (of all things) Gadget's love life. The credit for creating this goes to Byron "TheBoz" Crowe.

What was once a simple code had grown into something resembling a programmer's manual. Well, okay, maybe not that bad. The code is fairly linear and should present no problems to most people, but before you compile your code and add it to your sig take the time to read through the entire code, then start. If you need help after that feel free to ask me.

And please remember to include a space between tags!!
I emphasize this point with red because most people don't do it.
Everyone should be doing it. Besides, in order to be a version 0.81 compliant code, it's now required.
The code is FAR easier to read if the tags are separated and not all mish-moshed together.
Thank you.

And for those who don't know what to do with your completed code here are a few serving suggestions:
  1. Add it to you E-Mail signature.
  2. Use it on the RR message boards (The Acorn Cafe, for instance).
  3. Add it to the bottom of your fanfics.
  4. Print it out, stick it on the wall next to Gadget and worship it.
  5. Wrap your Ranger toys in it.
  6. Print it. Eat it.
(Ok, Ok, these are getting a bit out of hand now, but you get the idea)

There are three parts to this code, they are:
Part 1: General Ranger Section.
Part 2: Gadget's section.
Part 3: Silly section.
This is done for a number of reasons, mainly because Gadget is the most popular character in RR.
The silly section is just... Silly, for fun.
I will make a separate section for any other character if there is a big enough demand (or if someone makes one and sends it to me).

CAUTION: This has some of my twisted/warped humor in it, read with care... No insults are intentional, so if you take offense at anything in here, please understand that I didn't mean it.

And finally, please keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times. Thank you, and enjoy...

Blueprint history: Thanks to:
Natasha, Julie, Michael, FurrBall, Kat, Framwinkle.
And to Matt Plotecher for lots of additions and suggestions.
Other works used:
The Animaniacs Code. (a bit from it was used)
The Furry code. (For layout and ideas)
Candy's Rangerity & Gadgetism tests. If those two links don't work, try the locally stashed versions:
Rangerity test
Gadgetism test


On with the Code:

-= General Section =-

* Dedication * How deep you're in... The tag is 'RRC'.

RRC+++ : You mean there's something outside of Rescue Rangers?!?! (Nah!)
RRC++  : Rescue Rangers is your life, your calling and your only need.
RRC+   : A good part of your life is dedicated to RR.
RRC    : You know the major characters and a few of the episodes.
RRC-   : You know which one is Chip and which one is Gadget.
RRC--  : Umm... Chip is the one with the red nose, right??
RRC--- : Why are you bothering to learn the code if you hate it so much? Do
         the world a favor and volunteer to be the subject of Gadget's latest
         book, The Mind, a Paws-On Look

* The Rangerity Test * You know what this is, I hope....
I am very upset with myself for forgetting this in the first two releases.
Sort of taken from the Rangerity test (and edited). Sorry. The tag is 'R'.
It goes by your score:

R+++ (96-99%) : "Ok Chip, what are we doing today??"
R++  (81-95%) : Zipper comes over to your place for cards every week.
R+   (61-80%) : You are the biggest fan within a hundred-mile radius and
                forty-five percent of Gadget's inventions make perfect
                sense to you.
R    (31-60%) : You have a recurring dream about finding lost RR episodes
                and merchandise. It annoys you.
R-   (21-30%) : You sleep on your Rescue Ranger sheets every night.
R--  (11-20%) : You are a Rangerdictorian, profess your rangerity.
R--- (1-10%)  : You would not recognize Fat Cat if you met him on the street.
                (Umm, why are you reading this code??)

R!   (100%)   : Either you've got a good memory, or you are the purest
                embodiment of all that is Ranger. You spend many a lovely,
                moonlit night lying on your sponge bed, singing to yourself,
                "Come along, you belong..." All the unenlightened do not
                understand, but you know the real meaning of life. You never
                wear shoes, you bake muffins for the local police force
                every day, you own Disney stock, and every night you pray
                that somehow the series will return. Congratulations, you're
                officially Rangery. Just try not to do to much damage when
                you're out saving the city. Oh, and remember... Koo Koo Cola
                can stain.

R(score%)     : Your exact score, if you prefer to list it that way. ie, R(45%)

R?            : Haven't done the test... Or can't remember...

R#            : Don't wanna or can't tell... (that bad, huh?)

* The Public * Who would you tell about all this.
This shows roughly the percentage within your sphere of influence that would
know about you Ranger fetish. It has the tag 'P'.

P+++ : I have a 2 meter high banner on my roof saying: 'I LOVE the Rescue
       Rangers!'. And if you look aboard the Pioneer 10 you'll find an
       essay concerning my love for them.
P++  : I have told everyone you know about my obsession.
P+   : My friends know I'm a fan of the show.
P    : My family knows of my interest in the show.
P-   : I only tell my most trusted associates. (And that lot on the RR board)
P--  : I'm a (closed) closet Rangerphile.
P--- : Only I know... (And anyone who reads this code)

Here is an alternative 'P++' comment:
P++  : I have told all my family, friends, strangers I met on the
       street, and barnyard animals in the entire Northern (Southern if you
       live there) Hemisphere(s).

* Themes * What type of episode stirs your interest?
Tag starts with a 'TH' and due to the nature of this section is all included
in a pair of brackets. (see example below)

Different Rangerphiles are attracted to different aspects of the
show's format. Romance, comedy, adventure, and so on. This
section indicates what it is about the series you enjoyed, and
what parts you thought were the result of a bad hangover. This
section doesn't have a scale; instead, just list the code of what
you liked to see the Rangers involved in. Die-hard fans of the
show will have most (if not all) of them listed, while those who
watched mainly because of a few characters or a certain plotline
will only have a few. In addition, you can add a + to show you
thought this was one of the best themes, or a - to show that you felt
it was a weakness the series. You can also use the '!' wild-card to
show very strong feelings.
Note: these categories also include fanfics written, as they are the
closest things to new episodes we're going to get any time soon.
The themes are as follows:

A   : Adventure/action
I   : Angst/Inner turmoil
X   : Crossover
Dr  : Drama
Hu  : Humor (jokes/comedic situations)
In  : Informational
Mu  : Music
My  : Mystery
R   : Romance/Intimacy
P   : Parody/Spoof
Sl  : Slapstick (physical gags)
Su  : Suspense

TH(ALL) : If it's Rescue Ranger, I've got no complaints either way.

Use a ';' to string the different themes together. So a person with the


Likes the Adventure/Action, Informational, and Suspense aspects
of Ranger stories. This person also thinks that Angst/Inner
Turmoil, Mystery, and Romance/Intimacy themes bring out the best
of the Rangers, while the Crossover and Humor themes drag them
down a bit. The ones not listed (Drama, Music, Parody/Spoof,
Slapstick) mean that these themes are neutral to this person; no
strong feelings about them either way.

* Merchandise * How much do you own/covet?
The items here are more than just things that people actually buy in stores,
but also cereal boxes that may have the Rangers on them, magazines articles
about the show (or just mention it), and so forth. The tag is 'ME'.

ME+++ : I have all the cereal box toys (and the boxes they came in), plushies,
        coloring books, children's books, autographs from the walkarounds at
        Disneyland/World, and took photos of the television while the Rangers
        were on to make my own primitive screen grabs. I recently filed for
        bankruptcy after buying a set of animation cels from the original
ME++  : I have sold internal organs to acquire a wide variety of Ranger
        stuff. The people at the flea markets know me by name.
ME+   : I have some of the McDonald's toys, cereal prizes, and glass
ME    : I have some odds and ends I've run across.
ME-   : I've been looking, but the Rangers are scarce around where I live!
ME--  : I only have issue #7 of the Rangers comic...
ME--- : I'm either dirt-poor, too ashamed to spend money on cartoons, or
        opposed to material possessions.

ME!   : I own Disney. (well... nearly.)

* Internet Saturation * It's the new wave, or so they say.
A large number of Rangerphiles have to rely on the internet for information
concerning the show. And, in a give-take relationship, most of them attempt
to add their knowledge and talents to the collective pool. This measures how
much you give back to the data flow. The tag is 'I'.

I+++ : I am
I++  : Not only do I have a number of pages on them, but also have included
       WAVs, AVIs, episode notes, fanfics (by myself and others), fanart
       (same as fanfic), links, and rarities.
I+   : A large website with the normal links, fanfic, fanart, and
I    : I have a small section on my website for the Rangers.
I-   : I have a picture and a note saying I like the show.
I--  : I mention them once on my page.
I--- : Rangers? Here? You're joking, right?

Ix : I have no website.

Ix! : I have no website, but have contributed to others.

Ig : My website is a Gadget ONLY page. NO CHIPMUNKS ALLOWED!

* Creations * Dr. Frankenstein has nothing on you.
Since Disney has put the show in limbo, it's up to the fans to create new
things depicting the Rangers. It matters not the quality of the finished
product; only the honest love to make something with the Rangers.
The tag is 'CR'.

CR+++ : I have genetically engineered and psychoprogrammed the Rangers so that
        they may truly live.
CR++  : I have written computer programs, typed up stories, drew pictures,
        tried to make a flip-book, sculpted, and painted/remodeled the family
        car to look like the Rangermoblie. (Also planning on remodeling on
        the company jet...)
CR+   : The stories, the artwork, and the theories about their past have
        been tackled.
CR    : I've written some stories and drawn a few pictures.
CR-   : I've started some projects, but never finished them.
CR--  : I had an idea once to do something. Never did anything with it.
CR--- : I have about the same artistic ability, creativity, and desire
        to create as the thing that's growing in the corner of Dale's room.

CR!   : I have been successful with 'CR+++' and he or she is living at
        my house.

* Favorite Characters * Which Ranger is the best... And worst...
All five Rangers are in every single episode, giving all Rangerphiles
enough exposure to form an opinion about the five stars.
The tag is 'C'.

Note: I left the rangers in this format rather than give them their own
tags to maintain a small amount of compatibility with a previous version
of the code and to save on letters. (it also looks better this way)

The list:

(The Rescue Rangers)
Cc : Chip
Cd : Dale
Cg : Gadget
Cm : Montery Jack
Cz : Zipper
(Supporting Characters)
Cf : Foxglove
Ct : Tammy
Cfc: Fat Cat
Cn : Nimnul
Crc: Rat Capone
Co(name) : Other.
Ca : All (Every Ranger, friend and bad guy in the show)

The Ratings:


Cc+++ : I am Natasha Kashefipour.
Cc++  : Great guy! Intelligent, witty, handsome, kickin' outfit, and he's the
        keystone to the Rangers as a team.
Cc+   : I think Chip is a good leader and decent fellow.
Cc    : Not too shabby. For a chipmunk.
Cc-   : A bit too overbearing for my tastes.
Cc--  : Bossy, irritating, and condescending to the rest of the team.
Cc--- : I am Julie Bihn.


Cd+++ : I only wear loud Hawaiian shirts, I can play any Iron Goose
        song on any instrument, and have told others that I was once
        impersonated by an alien named Ditz.
Cd++  : Dale rocks. He's the only member of the team who actually has hobbies
        that most normal people do, making him much easier to identify with.
Cd+   : He's a good source of comic relief.
Cd    : A bit scatter-brained, but he has his moments.
Cd-   : He's the least mature of the Rangers, and has no actual function in
        the team line-up.
Cd--  : Considering all the predicaments Dale's stupidity has landed the
        Rangers in, I'm surprised they even let him live.
Cd--- : He's a waste of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.


Cg+++ : A true Goddess. Really no more to be said. Case Closed!
Cg++  : Want to see my Gadget shrine?
Cg+   : She's interesting and has an agreeable personality, I like her.
Cg    : Her inventions contribute, I guess.
Cg-   : Meh. She's better than Mickey or Minnie...
Cg--  : She's overrated.
Cg--- : I don't understand what the hubbub is over her. Maybe the guys like
        her for her looks, but she's really a dull character.


Cm+++ : I live solely on cheese and attack cats whenever possible.
Cm++  : Great accent, great attitude, and great cooking.
Cm+   : The adventures he's had makes him the most experienced in the group.
Cm    : His strength comes in handy.
Cm-   : His cheese attacks really make him unstable, and therefore dangerous.
        to the group.
Cm--  : Bloated, unshaven, and a cheese addict. Not the type I trust in a
        rescue mission.
Cm--- : Hopefully, Gadget's next invention will rip his spine out.


Cz+++ : I broke my arm last month trying to fly off the roof. I harass
        exterminators. I do not speak aside from buzzing.
Cz++  : He can't talk, but still has more personality than anyone else in
        the entire series.
Cz+   : I think the little guy should get more credit.
Cz    : Sometimes I forget he's there, but he's nice.
Cz-   : The buzzing gets irritating after a while.
Cz--  : He just doesn't belong in the group. Too small, too weak and too
        insecure because he *is* small and weak!
Cz--- : I kill all flies in the hopes that one of them is Zipper. (Morteeeen....)

* Supporting Characters *
(Example, Tammy)

Ct+++ : Tammy is the best character in the show! She is the Rescue Rangers.
Ct++  : Tammy is up there with the rest of my idols.
Ct+   : I would like to have seen more of Tammy.
Ct    : Tammy is OK.
Ct-   : I didn't think much of Tammy.
Ct--  : I'm glad Tammy was only in one episode.
Ct--- : I HATE Tammy!!!! (Yuch, I even hate the name!)

This tag is designed to be stacked.
To leave a character out means that you think this character falls
between the '-' and '+' ratings.

Example: 'Cc-d++m+++f++F---'
Means  : I think chip is a bit overbearing and I don't like him, Dale is
         really truly great, Monterey is the best, Foxglove is idolized
         by me and I want to feed Fat Cat to the cat food machine again.
         (After reajusting the blades so they chop him into iddy biddy bite
         sized bits)

Please do not use: 'Cc-Cd++Cm+++Cf++CF---'
It's confusing and doesn't look as good.

* Emulation * How close do you follow in your idol's footsteps..
How much are you like the rangers?
I have only included the five 'true' Rangers and the two honorary Rangers.
I doubt there be many who will follow in the footsteps of Fat Cat.
This differs from the above because this is your personality and actions
IRL. You CANNOT count characters from fan-fics or fan-art, only ones
from the original Disney Cartoon or Comic. The tag is 'E'.

Ec : Chip
Ed : Dale
Eg : Gadget
Em : Montery
Ez : Zipper
Ef : Foxglove
Et : Tammy
Eo(name) : Other.

Using Zipper as an example:

Ez+++ : I fly to work every day, and I bunk with an overweight cheese addict.
Ez++  : People have trouble understanding my miming.
Ez+   : I may be small, but I can be brave.
Ez    : Ok, Ok, so I buzz sometimes!
Ez-   : I'm really not very much like him.
Ez--  : I consciously try NOT to act like him.
Ez--- : I WILL NOT be ANYTHING like that darned fly! WHERE IS MY BUG SPRAY?!?!

Ez!   : Bzzzzz! Bzz! Bzzzzet! Bzz! Bzzzzzzzzzzzt!
        (And if you really deserve the '!', you'd know exactly what that said)

This code also stacks, so mix and match if applicable.
Example: Ec++g+++z+m-
Roughly means that you act mostly like Gadget and Chip, you act a little bit
like Zipper and you don't want to be like Montery.

* DreamScape * That 'other' world that comes out at night...
Applies to Ranger related dreams. The closest we can come to actually
being there... For now. The tag is 'D'.

D+++ : I dream of nothing but Rangers, I am a Rescue Ranger and help
       solve cases all night, I remember my dreams, and sometimes I write
       them down.
D++  : I have more Ranger dreams than Non-Ranger ones. 
D+   : Put me down as once a week. In most of my RR dreams, I'm an honorary ranger.
D    : Once or twice every couple of weeks I will see/be the rangers in my
D-   : I have had one or two Ranger dreams and I enjoyed them.
D--  : I've had one or two Ranger dreams, didn't like it much.
D--- : A dream with the Rangers in it would be a nightmare to me.

D*   : My dreams are not... um... relatable.

D!   : I'm hooked up to a nutrient drip so I don't ever have to leave my

* The Message board * The biggest melting pot of ranger ideas...
Also known as the "Acorn Cafe":
It's quite active, come and take a look. The tag is 'M'.

M+++ : I post, well... a lot...
M++  : I post regularly.
M+   : I've posted.
M    : I lurk.
M-   : I've heard of the board.
M--  : Where is the ranger board?
M--- : What's a 'board'?

M!   : I consistently reply within 5 minutes of a topic being posted.
       I have no life and I am proud!

* Gender & Age * Something you didn't have a choice in...
This is a part of every major code, and it's here too. The tag is 'Z'.

Zm : Male.
Zf : Female.
Z? : I don't really know...

Zm+++ (51+)   : Older than Roy Neal
Zm++  (31-50) : Around Monty's age.
Zm+   (23-30) : Older than Gadget, younger than Monty.
Zm    (17-22) : Around Gadget's age.
Zm-   (14-16) : Younger than Gadget. (About Tammy's age)
Zm--  (5-13)  : Younger than Nat.
Zm--- (0-5)   : Goo-goo, gaa-gaa.

Zm(age) : If you want to be exact. ie. Zm(23) = Male, 23 years old.

-= Gadget's Section =-
This starts out 'GH'. This section is optional, and most of it only really applies to who are decidedly Gadgephiles.

* Admiration * How much you worship the mouse.
This goes on the 'GH' tag.

GH+++ : My last name is now Hackwrench (I changed it out of respect).
GH++  : Want to see my Gadget shrine??
GH+   : Gadget, a true goddess.
GH    : The greatest mouse on the planet.
GH-   : I like her better than I like most other mice.
GH--  : She's not too bad, I guess, but overrated.
GH--- : I don't understand what the hubbub is over her. Maybe the guys like
        her for her looks, but she's really a dull character.

GHx   : I Don't like her one bit! (If this is you, then STOP RIGHT THERE!
        Only Gadgephiles beyond this point.)

* Love level * How much you love Gadget.
She now has her own 'L' tag. Re-done by request from the female Ranger fans.

L++++ : She speaks to me in dreams and in glass cutter noises. I leave
        offerings of technical manuals and gears in hopes of receiving her
L+++  : Gadget is my sole reason for living.
L++   : Gadget is a Goddess, the apex of mousedom.
L+    : I can't stop thinking about Gadget.
L     : I love Gadget.
L-    : She comes to mind (in the nicest way) on occasion.
L--   : I really can't say I feel any love at all for Gadget.
L---  : I'd rather kiss Mickey. (Oh, what a horrid fate...)

L!   : I would give up this life without a moment's thought for just a chance at
       meeting Gadget.

Lx   : I like her, but I don't love her. (I'm either the wrong gender
        or I'm just not into mice.)

* The Gadgetism Test * The mark of the greats...
These are basically just taken from the Gadgetism test (They're better than the
ones I could think of). There is also a subsection part now. The tag is 'G'.

Ga+  : Subsection A.
Gb+  : Subsection B.
Ge+  : Either.

Ge++ (98%+) : You are a subscriber to the Gadget Archive Mailing List
              (point lips skyward and pucker up) You have a genuinely rare
              high score.
Ge+  (90%+) : You should really have orange hair. Safe to say Mick ain't
              your favorite mouse.
Ge   (75%+) : You sleep in your coveralls. You're up with the best of `em.
Ge-  (50%+) : You are a definate Gadgephile. Treat yourself to some Slick 50.
Ge-- (25%+) : You are a Gadget fan. Well done.

Ge!  (100%) : You are one gosh darn heck (to use the mouse's strongest words)
              of a Gadget fan. You have your own theories as to Gadget's hair
              color and clothing, you probably don't like Chip a whole lot,
              you dance in front of microphones - and, oh, yes, unavoidably,
              you're a nerd. :) Carry your glass cutter proudly.
              BTW, your name is probably Candy...

Ge(score)   : The custom one. ie. Ge(45%) = Either subsection with a score
              of 45%

G?          : Haven't done the test... Or can't remember...

G#          : Don't wanna tell...

* Gadget + ... * The great debate.
One of the great(est) divides in the Ranger community, this tells everyone
where you stand. Also, the 'other' does not include you! The tag for this
section is 'P'.

The choice for Gadget's partner goes like this:

Pc       : Chip
Pd       : Dale
Ps       : Sparky
Po(name) : Other
P?       : Undecided/Unknown
P!       : An original character I created.
P!!      : I am the only one worthy of Gadget's affections.

There is a strength rating, too (I'll use Chip as an example):

Pc+++ : Gadget and Chip are the two halves to the same whole. United, they
        will save the whales, end world hunger, and resurrect the series.
Pc++  : Both Chip and Gadget have intelligence, a desire to help others
        and a sense of morality. They might have problems, but they're a
        great couple.
Pc+   : They seem to have a some things in common, and appear to have an
        interest in each other.
Pc    : I guess, if they really wanted to.
Pc-   : I don't see it happening. Chip and Gadget make good teammates, but
        I doubt they'd do well in a relationship.
Pc--  : Not a chance. Gadget is more likely to fall for Rat Capone than Chip.
Pc--- : If you even suggest that Gadget and Chip should get married I will
        skin you alive! (Or worse, set Julie on you.)

You can also 'stack' your choices up.

Example: Pc---Pd--Po+++
Means  : A person with this in their code is obviously in favor
         of Gadget meeting up with someone else, but also shows that Dale is a
         horrid choice, and that Chip has a better chance of lifting a ton
         of walnuts before Gadget even looks at him twice.

-= Silly section =-
Just for fun. This section is also optional.

SSs(##)    : Number of sisters/clones/lookalikes Gadget has.
SSr(##)    : Number of rags Gadget goes through (In her workshop) per day.
SSc(##/##) : Number of Comics Dale had read vs. owned.
SStv(##)   : Aproximate No. of hours (per day) Dale spends watching TV.
SSd(##)    : Number of disguises Chip and Dale have. (each)
SSb(##)    : Amount of times Chip has blushed in a single episode.
SSag(##)   : Approximate No. of hours (per day) the chimpunks spend arguing.
SSch(##)   : Average No. of cheese attacks (per week) Montery has.
SSbk(##)   : Number of times Chip bonks Dale in the average day.

This is also a stacking tag:
Eg. SSs(7)r(20)c(100/20)tv(5)d(10)b(4)ag(1:30)ch(6)bk(13)

Example 1:
Here is TheBoz's code:

RRC+ R? P+>++ TH(I-;X;Hu+;In;P;Sl) ME->++ Ig++ CR+>! Cc+d++f+o(Ditz)+F---n+ M++ Zm GH+++ L! Ga(87%)>++ Pc+d+o++

It means:
Rescue Rangers plays a good part in my life, I can't remember what my Rangerity score was. Only my friends know I'm a lover of RR but I'm planning on telling everyone/everything you know too. I like Adventure/action, Crossover, Humor, Parodys and Suspense in RR episodes, but I don't like Angst/Inner turmoil much. I can't get my hands on much ranger Merchandise but I'm planning big things (within reason). I make my presence known on the 'net and it's mostly Gadget related. I've tried my hand at stories, artwork and theories and I am also looking into genetics in a big way. I like Dale, Foxglove, Chip and Ditz but I really don't like fat cat. I'm a regular on the RR 'board. I'm male and about Gadget's age. I worship Gadget in the extreme. I would love to marry her. My Gadgetism score is 87% but I want it higher. I'd rather Gadget marry outside of the Rangers but failing that either Chip or Dale.
(Man, you can squeeze a lot into this code!)

Example 2: (no description)
Here's Matt's code:

RRC++ R+ P+>++ TH(A+;Dr;Hu+;Mu;My+;R+;Su) ME++>! I+>++ CR++ Cc++d+m+z+n++f+F+(Cassandra)++ M++ Zm+ GH L Ge Pc++d-o--

Example 3: (no description)
Jazz's code:

RRC R? P TH(Hu;A) ME--- I+ CR++ Cd++;z++;m Ez+ D* M++ Zm- GH L- G? Pc++

Example 4: (no description)
Winston's code:

RRC++ R? P- TH(A;I+;Hu;) ME- I+>++ CR+ Cc+d+f+t+++!fc-- Eg+++c++ D+ M+++ Zm GH+ L- G? Pd

This page is non-profit and Chip 'n' Dale rescue rangers & Gadget belong to Disney.
Blah, Blah, Blah.
Disney owns the world and all that.
They may have created the Rangers but I (TheBoz) created this code!!!
You know the rest.

You can copy and distribute this in any way you see fit IF you don't charge money for it or change the content in any way.

Final word:
I hope you enjoyed this version of the Ranger CODE. Bye!

Gadget Hackwrench and the Rescue Rangers are owned by Disney, used without permission. Last Updated: 6/7/04