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Artwork - Hermes

Artwork by Hermes:

Digital Art Media, Color - 2001-06-30
Foxglove and Lahwhinie bid farewell to their shared voice actress, Deborah Walley.
Digital Art Media, Greyscale - 2001-03-03
Foxglove as a sailor scout in the background, while an original character (I believe) stands in the front.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2001-03-03
This is a colorized version of Hermes' poster for his video game, complete with a lens flare, no less!
Physical Art Media, Greyscale - 2001-03-01
A Get Well card for Deborah Walley with Chip, Foxglove, and an original character.
Cleaned / Finished Lineart - 2001-01-25
A poster for "Rescue Rangers: The Game" which is a video game that Hermes was working on.
Digital Art Media, Greyscale - 2001-01-25
Dale and Foxy get down.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2001-01-25
"The Nutrix" - A parody of "The Matrix" featuring the Rangers & Foxglove.