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Artwork - Lilac Star Print

Artwork by Lilac Star Print:

Physical Art Media, Color - 2007-10-04
Lahwhinie's style is becoming too popular.
Cleaned / Finished Lineart - 2007-09-14
Chip has always been a bit brash and cold-hearted at times. Sometimes, that's the only way to get the job done. But lately, he seems to be void of a conscience. So, the team hired one for him. Jiminy Cricket guest-stars.
Physical Art Media, Color - 2007-08-17
Clarice and Gadget: when the munks' two love interests meet.
Physical Art Media, Greyscale - 2007-04-02
Some good pencilwork of Zipper. This is a few smaller drawings composited together.
Physical Art Media, Greyscale - 2007-04-02
Some really good pencilwork of Chip as Idaho Chip.
Physical Art Media, Greyscale - 2007-04-02
A nice pencil drawing of Double-O Dale.