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Artwork - Ruslan Matvienko

Artwork by Ruslan Matvienko:

Cleaned / Finished Lineart - 2004-08-18
A spoof of "Belle's Enchanted Christmas," with Gadget as one of the holiday ornaments.
Cleaned / Finished Lineart - 2001-07-15
A marvelous pic of Gadget lightly dropping to the floor.
Physical Art Media, Color - 2001-06-17
Gadget, arms crossed, expresses herself in this nicely rendered colored pencil drawing.
Physical Art Media, Color - 2001-04-11
Ruslan's work just keeps getting better and better; Gadget in a rustic dress curiously
Cleaned / Finished Lineart - 2001-03-03
Gadget twists around to look behind her with a curious expression.
Rough Sketch - 2001-03-03
Gadget in a classic pose from the series. Appears to have been done from the model sheet.
Cleaned / Finished Lineart - 2001-03-03
Gadget bending down to smile at something.
Cleaned / Finished Lineart - 2001-03-03
Gadget displays the sharp mechanical skills that made her the inventor of reknown she is today.
Physical Art Media, Greyscale - 2001-03-03
Gadget looking off in surprise in this very sharp and nice pencil drawing.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2000-07-23
The RR symbol in a slick gif animation.
Digital Art Media, Greyscale - 2000-07-18
Gadget rests on the floor. Looks like someone used the threshhold tool here big time.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2000-05-11
"Look From the Shadows" - Gadget peeking out from the darkness, showing her blue eyes.
Physical Art Media, Greyscale - 2000-05-10
Gadget gives a knowing smile in the dark.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2000-05-10
A very cute standing pose of Gadget, in color.
Digital Art Media, Color - 1999-12-14
Gadget with a determined look on her face.