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Artwork - Pupspals

Artwork by Pupspals:

Other Contributions
This artist is also listed as an author.
Rough Sketch - 2007-12-14
Dale's head.
Rough Sketch - 2007-12-14
Dale on a skateboard.
Rough Sketch - 2007-10-05
A few sketches of the Rangers' faces.
Rough Sketch - 2006-04-29
Dale struggles with a tricky question, pencil rough.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2006-04-29
Dale struggles with a tricky question...
Rough Sketch - 2006-04-29
Chip is shocked - and Zipper seems shocked that Chip is shocked.
Rough Sketch - 2006-01-15
Some simple red pencil doodles of various CDRR characters (along with, apparently, an unnamed gingerbread man).
Digital Art Media, Color - 2005-10-27
Another mosaic image, this time of Dale.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2005-10-27
A tile mosaic thing of the coverart for now released CDRR DVD.
Rough Sketch - 2005-09-27
Dale, lookin' bored. I'm sure we've all felt that way in class at some point.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2005-09-19
A picture of the RR symbol, built from a mosaic of screencaps and other CDRR-related pictures. It's much along the lines of the one done by Jeff Parkes (see his entry).
Rough Sketch - 2005-04-17
"Simpsonified" Rangers.
Rough Sketch - 2005-04-17
Dale, fantasizing about what it'd be like to be rich.
Physical Art Media, Color - 2005-02-22
A a very old piece of fanart, drawn by Pupspals while in elementary school and only recently scanned.
Physical Art Media, Color - 2005-02-03
In another clever name pun, this is of Chip as one of the cops from C.Hi.P.s.
Rough Sketch - 2004-09-01
"I've got Gadgets and Gizmos aplenty..." A certain song in "The Little Mermaid" contains those lyrics, and it's been very cleverly punned here.
Rough Sketch - 2004-09-01
Chip and Dale put on a show. Seems to be inspired by one of the more famous "classic" C+D shorts (Two Chips and a Miss).
Physical Art Media, Color - 2004-09-01
Dale, with an ice cream cone. This one does a great job of capturing the essence of the "Dale" personality.
Rough Sketch - 2004-09-01
"Dale's New Hobby". Once again, this is a great pic of Dale being his own unique self... Much to Chip's dismay.