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Artwork - Murad Ismailov

Artwork by Murad Ismailov:

Digital Art Media, Color - 2000-10-31
Another version of one of this artist's images.
Digital Art Media, Color - 2000-02-18
Gadget in the morning, brushing her hair.
Rough Sketch - 1999-10-18
Gadget explaining something to Chip, about the upcoming (as of the time this was drawn) year 2000.
Digital Art Media, Color - 1999-06-21
A small icon for the Chip n' Dale Russian Project group.
Digital Art Media, Color - 1999-05-17
Another pic of Gadget as a youngin'.
Digital Art Media, Color - 1999-02-07
Tammy, hands clasped in front of her and looking distraught.
Digital Art Media, Color - 1999-01-17
Ah... back when Gadget was... well... even *more* innocent, I guess.
Digital Art Media, Color - 1999-01-17
Hey, in "Under the Bridge", Monterey served in the Navy, so why not the female mouse, too?
Digital Art Media, Color - 1999-01-17
A Gadget portrait in color, looking very professional.
Rough Sketch - 1998-11-04
Small image of Gadget looking curious and pointing down at something.
Rough Sketch - 1998-11-03
Gadget in a relaxing dress.
Digital Art Media, Color - 1998-08-25
Rollin' like the Mighty Mississippi.
Digital Art Media, Color - 1998-08-25
A young Gadget gets a piggy-back ride from her dad. Very nice picture.
Cleaned / Finished Lineart - 1998-08-25
A picture of Gadget in a new style.
Physical Art Media, Greyscale - 1998-07-10
Gadget with what appears to be an elf of some sort, named (I'm guessing) Hassey.
Digital Art Media, Color - 1998-06-10
Another Anime style shot of Gadget.